Old Governors Mansion Bridal Session | Anna Leger

Anna was a beautiful bride to work with, and the camera just loved her. We had a great time photographing her prancing around the Old Governors Mansion– from the beautiful green ballroom to the grand stair case.

Her Morilee by Madeline Gardner dress was beautifully designed and was the perfect piece to compliment the unique location.

The night before her shoot Anna called us panicked, because she didn’t have a bouquet for her pictures. We told her not to worry, and that we’d get it handled for her.

Thankfully, Designs by Milissa was able to save the day with a gorgeous bouquet that matched Anna’s color scheme. 

At the end of the day everyone was happy and things worked out perfectly! Check out Anna and Evan’s wedding blog here!

sitting in lounge looking down
full body looking down
looking in mirror
in front of window
walking up the stairs
on the stairs looking down
on the stairs looking to the side
on stairs smiling
at the bottom of the stairs
dramatic curtains
dramatic curtains color
full body smiling
twirling and in doorway
looking to the side and down in ballroom at old governors mansion
twirl in green ballroom at old governors mansion
vertical twirl and portrait
b&w from behind
running in ballroom b&w at old governors mansion
formal portraits at old governors mansion
running smiling in green ballroom at old governors mansion
in front of window b&w at old governors mansion
smiling looking back at old governors mansion
formal smiling portrait at old governors mansion

2987 Government Streeet, Suite B • Baton Rouge, La 70806