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Guest Vendor – 10 Honeymoon Mistakes Couples Make

This could be your first time on a honeymoon or you could be a repeat offender. These mistakes are easy to avoid when you are planning the honeymoon. Don’t let these common mistakes ruin what is supposed to be a milestone trip for you and your spouse!

1. Too Much To Do- Too Little Time
There is so much to see! There is so much to do! You know you want to go to Italy and visit Venice, Rome, Florence, The Amalfi coast, Sicily and Naples and you want to do it all in 7 days. Or you want to go to a Caribbean island to snorkel, jet ski, zip line, do a food tour, shop, relax, spend a day at the spa all in 5 days. Be realistic. Communicate with each other on just how much time you really have for the honeymoon and what the priorities are. Remember priority number one is spending time together and enjoying it. Allow free time and research where you are going, where the cities are located and how much time you need to get from place to place.

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2. Leave the Day After The Wedding
Yes, you are so excited and ready to go on an amazing honeymoon however leaving the day after the wedding is not the best thing to do, especially if you have a night time wedding. Give yourself some time to rest the day after your big day. Aside from the dancing and celebrating you are going to do this is an emotional day. You are going to be exhausted. Being exhausted on your honeymoon does not go over well when you arrive at your honeymoon suite that is all set for romance. Give yourselves a day to recover, breathe and not have to worry about waking up early to catch a flight! Leave the next day.

3. Going Cheap
There is a time to splurge on vacations and a time to save on vacations. Honeymoons are a time to splurge! This is it…this is the start of your happily ever after. You deserve the honeymoon of your dreams. If money is an issue consider prioritizing what you are spending on the wedding. Do you really want to spend money on the guests or on you? Consider adding a honeymoon fund to your registry to help with expenses.

4. DIY
This is typically the acronym for do it yourself …however my friend Christine Anderson with Wedding Savvy says that DIY becomes DYI….meaning DO YOURSELF IN!
You can go online and book plane tickets, hotels, honeymoons and all sorts of travel but why do it yourself when there are professionals that do this for a living and know the rules of the airlines, the lingo of the hotels, they have knowledge of planning travel for clients. They guide you, consult with you and more importantly they work for you. They will manage your expectations and make sure you get what you expect. They want you to have a wonderful experience. Do some research but when it comes to booking a trip of this importance, have a professional do it. Piecing together flights on your own to Greece for your honeymoon that does not have legal connections can lead to unexpected fees, flights being cancelled and problems along that way on a DIY honeymoon can easily lead to a first fight as husband and wife. This is not how you want to start the honeymoon, arguing because you are arguing with the front desk that you did book an ocean view room and the front desk is insisting that your room is an ocean view. You simply have to go to the balcony on the right-hand side, lean over the rail only 6 inches and you can view the ocean.

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5. Protection
Investing money on an amazing honeymoon is worth it once you know you have made the right choice. Protecting your investment, your time and yourself is the next smart step. Travel insurance is highly recommended. Life happens. Flights get delayed or cancelled. Hurricanes come. Family members get sick. Luggage gets lost. Accidents happen. Being in a hospital in a foreign country is not a fun experience. Travel insurance protects you and has representatives available 24/7 should something happen while you are traveling. Saying…” we are definitely going on our honeymoon so we don’t need to buy insurance” are famous last words. BUY THE INSURANCE.

6.  Not Going on One
Or you say you will go on one later, and then later becomes, “let’s just go on our one year anniversary”. Did you know that researchers have a proven statistic that if you do not take a honeymoon the first year of your marriage then you are at a 40% HIGHER risk of divorce!


7. Choosing the Wrong Time and The Wrong Place
Costa Rica is a dream honeymoon location for you and you think it would be great to go in June and forget to check the weather reports only to arrive during their peak rainy season. Find out the weather, the crowds, the seasons of the destination that you are traveling. Don’t assume that is the same as it is here in the states.

8. Doing Nothing When You Are There
Time to make some memories. Remember that time on we zip lined for the first time in St. Lucia? Remember that time we rode the elephants in Thailand through the jungle? Yes, take time to relax, lounge by the pool, order room service but make time to do some thing or somethings that you have never done before. Get the adrenaline going… get excited… have experiences!

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9. Taking Friends Advice
This may seem like something you should do and we do recommend that you get opinions from your friends however often we think because our BFF went to Bora Bora and thought it was utterly amazing and that is what “we must do” is not necessarily true. Although you and your friends may have similar likes and dislikes Bora Bora may not be the right fit for you and your fiancé. Take time to really think about your likes and dislikes as a couple. Ask questions to each other about what your expectations are, what have you done before that you love, and why, do your research and communicate with each other.

10. Last Minute Packing
With all the wedding festivities going on the last thing on your mind will be packing for a trip. You will have to pack for the wedding, get your dress in order, pack a going away dress possibly. You may possibly be packing up and moving out of your current home into a new home together. You may have things in boxes and scattered at places. Another reason we recommend not leaving the day after the wedding. The extra day allows you to have time to get your wedding dress put away or in the hands of someone responsible for delivering to the cleaners. Think things through, pack for the honeymoon 2 weeks prior with most your clothes packed. 1 week before rechecking your list, add in toiletries. Last minute packing is reserved for cosmetics and medications.

Avoiding these mistakes will help your honeymoon to be stress-free and enjoyable. This is what you deserve as a newly married couple. Happy Honeymooning.

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Remember don’t just fall in love, stay in love.
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