Katie and Brady’s Engagement Session

Katie and Brady’s Engagement Session

Katie and Brady’s engagement session took place at The Rural Life Museum in Baton Rouge, Louisiana! We had so much fun with Katie and Brady and can not wait for their wedding at Ellendale Country Club in Houma, Louisiana this November!!

Check out their adorable proposal story below!

“For my birthday Brady had given me a huge framed map and told me I could pick anywhere on the map for a vacation and he would plan the whole trip, little did I know he was planning his marriage proposal. I picked Asheville, North Carolina and he planned the whole thing from different hikes we would go on, tours we would take, winery and dinner reservations, the whole nine yards! He even wanted to get a new camera and a camera backpack for the trip. During the whole trip this backpack never left his side, it was his carry-on on the plane, it had its own chair at restaurants, and I was not allowed to touch it because I might drop it and break the camera or something. I made fun of him for treating this backpack like his baby until on the last day of the trip it all made sense. Brady had scheduled us a private tour along with our own tour guide of the Biltmore, which was beyond beautiful, after the tour we went to the top of the hill overlooking the house and the vast beautiful grounds and Brady took the ring from out of the backpack and asked me to marry him!”

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