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Kindred by Ashford Halley

Jennifer Halley and Kim Ashford with Ashford Halley have created a new portrait brand, Kindred by Ashford Halley!

Kindred will reflect the experience you have received with Ashford Halley. Our number one priority is you! You will not only receive beautiful images but a personalized service that will change the way you see portrait photography across Louisiana.

We want to capture the unique personality of your family while having fun in a relaxed atmosphere. We will bring you personalized service and products that you will LOVE! Our goal with Kindred is to create artwork for your walls and heirloom pieces that will be passed down for generations.

During your pre-session consultation, we will discuss what type of artwork you would like for your home. We will design your session around your personal preferences to create one of a kind pieces. We have many different display options to choose from including wall art, albums, and display boxes. It is so important to document the different stages of your family’s life so your children have that to look back on. 

Jennifer and Kim are excited to start this new journey together with all of our wonderful clients. We hope you will take a moment to look through our new website, share it with your friends, and maybe even gather some inspiration from it! | | Facebook




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Baton Rouge, La 70806