Session Tips



We do family portrait sessions about an hour and half before sunset at a location of your choice. When choosing a location for your session, we suggest finding a location with plenty of shade. If you are having a hard time deciding on a location, we can email you a list of suggestions. Since your family portrait session is at an outdoor location, props are usually not needed. However, if you'd like to bring a blanket to sit on or a sign to hold, please do so. For families with little children, we definitely recommend bringing the little ones their favorite snacks and a drink for the session since family sessions are about 1-1.5 hours long.


We know you are so excited about your new bundle of joy and cannot wait to have their newborn portraits done! We do these sessions in the studio within the first 10 days of birth. We keep the studio nice and warm for the little one so make sure you wear something light and comfortable. We encourage you to bring any props that will personalize your baby’s session such as special blankets, stuffed animals, books, toys, and outfits. We don’t use many “outfits” for this type of session. For most of the session your baby will be in a diaper cover or a cloth wrap that we have here at the studio. Many of our clients purchase newborn outfits/accessories from sites such as Etsy. The session is 2-3 hours long since more than likely your newborn will need to take a break to eat or for a diaper change.


Children's portrait sessions can be done either in our studio or at an outdoor location of your choice. Studio sessions are great for the little ones. It allows for less distraction during the portrait session since they do not have much room to wander off and be curious. If you choose a studio session, we encourage our clients to bring any props that will personalize your child’s session such as special blankets, stuffed animals, books, toys, and outfits.

We schedule all of our outdoor sessions about an hour and half before sunset. To get the best out of your little one make sure to bring their favorite snacks and a drink as they will need to take a few breaks. Also doing the session right after a nap will ensure your little one is well rested, in a great mood and giving us some big smiles during the session! Props are not necessary for an outdoor location, however you are welcome to bring some.


Your shoot more than likely will not require accessories and props, but you may want to include them. Props for your shoot allow you to customize and personalize your shoot, and also may provide you with the feel and theme that you’re going for in your portrait session. Just remember that certain locations aside from the studio may require a great deal of walking and may take you far away from your vehicle, so what you bring along you may have to carry with you for the entirety of the shoot. Some clients also like to include their pets for some of their photos.


Clothing choices and outfits for your shoot also offers clients a great deal of room for personalization, and greatly impact the theme and feel of your shoot. Portrait sessions can be as formal or informal as you like, and you even have the option to have multiple outfits and clothing changes to give you greater variety in your portraits. For our typical hour and a half shoot we generally recommend having only two outfits. Also, remember when choosing outfits for the whole family to keep the colors and patterns fairly simple. Too many patterns and different variations of colors can be distracting in your images.


Yes, you’ll need to bring yourselves along for your portrait shoot! We don’t mean physically bring yourselves to the shoot, although that is certainly a requirement. You’ll need to be more than just present for your shoot. The success of your shoot can come down to how eager your are to participate. For our part we try to have as much fun as we can with each shoot, and we try to interact with you in a way that will allow you to have fun during your shoot as well. For the little ones in your session make sure to have some snacks available as well as something for them to drink.


Bring along your expectations and share them with us! But keep them realistic. We love hearing and executing your ideas for everything from poses, facial expressions, locations, to props and accessories. Portraits are a collaboration, and we want to personalize everything that we do for every one of our clients. However, we still have to remain true to our style and approach to photography, and also have to deal with the challenges and scenarios presented by many of the things mentioned above. Keep your ideas ready… but make sure to cater them to the scenario. Show us an idea you found for a pose, but keep in mind that we will do so in our own style and that your location is likely different from your example.

Portrait Session Tips

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