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Bailey & Ronnie’s White Oak Wedding

Such a beautiful wedding for two amazing people! We always have a blast working with our friends over at White Oak Estates & Gardens as well as all our vendor friends! Make sure to follow us on Facebook & Instagram for the latest — Also, join our Facebook Group to see upcoming contests, give-a-ways, and more!

Check out their proposal story and the images from their wedding below!

“Ronnie and I (Bailey) were heading to Colorado to visit Zoe and David and try our hands at snowboarding for the first time. A couple of times a year I pester Ronnie to come with me to Colorado, so this was standard procedure for us. We get to BTR airport, go through security, and Ronnie gets called back for a bag check. He quickly looked at me and said oh shoot it’s my lotion! and ran to the security guard. In Ronnie’s panicked state the night before, he had packed his ENTIRE lotion bottle in his bag – but he did have the presence of mind to put it in its own TSA approved ziplock bag (impressive), but he had also sneaked in a very impressive rock. For the rest of that day, from our flights to being picked up in Denver and driving to Steamboat, I was blissfully unaware that anything fishy was going on. Little did I know, he and Zoe had been scheming to get me to the top of the mountain the next morning. Zoe and David brought up the idea that we take the gondola to the top right when it opened and check out the trail to see if we thought we could handle it; about 5 minutes later our bartender told us that particular trail was called the White Ribbon of Death – I’m thinking we probably couldn’t handle it. However, I’m not one to miss out on a great view or photo op, so we were still on track!

The next morning, December 1, everyone except me was PANICKING to get ready in time. I had a leisurely morning and enjoyed my coffee, had some breakfast, and almost walked in on Ronnie getting the ring out of his bag (oops). We got on the gondola and headed for the top when the most amazing thing happened – SNOW started falling! It wasn’t supposed to snow all weekend, and yet here it was making us look like a real life snow globe in this gondola. I noticed Ronnie was nervous, but I just figured it was because of his fear of heights and the fact that we were headed for the White Ribbon of Death. When we finally got to the top (a 5 minute trip for me and a 5 year trip for Ronnie), we spotted the perfect spot to take a group photo. Miraculously, there was a couple there that just happened to have professional photography equipment and offered to take our photo – nothing out of the ordinary there. We took our group picture and then they suggested we get a picture of just Ronnie and me, it was his first snow after all! We took about 2 normal photos when Ronnie turned to me and got down on one knee. I thought he was just being a nerd and didn’t want to waste these kind strangers’ time so I naturally asked what he was doing and told him to get up. He let me know that he simply couldn’t do that and then he pulled out The Rock – and I said OF COURSE! BEST. VACATION. EVER. “

Hair: Garrett Neal Salon

Limo: Capital City Classic Cars

Videography: Simon Says Films

Photography: Ashford Halley

Cake: Fairy Dust Cakes

Venue: White Oak Estates & Gardens

Wedding Dress: Bustle

wedding dress hanging in hotel room
mom helping bride get wedding gown buttoned
bride's mom kissing bride
bridesmaid help bride get ready
bride putting on shoes and garter
groom getting read
grooms being funny while taking pictures
bridemaids posing
front lawn of white oak plantation
first look with bride and her father
bride's father seeing her for the first time
groom walking down the isle
bride walking down the isle with dad
groom crying seeing the bride as she walks down the isle
bride walking down the isle with her father
groom crying while father of the bride gives her away
groom and father of the bride hugging
front lawn wedding ceremony at White Oak Plantation
bride and groom exchanging rings on the front lawn of white oak plantation
bride and groom kissing at the alter
bride and groom posing on front lawn at white oak estates and gardens
bride and groom taking pictures on front lawn of White Oak plantation
bride and groom posing in front of white oak plantation house
White oak plantation house in the background of bride and groom
bride and groom first dance
bride and groom dancing
bride and groom cutting the cake
groomsman dancing
guest picking up bride during the reception
groom and groomsman dancing at the reception
bride and groom dancing at the reception
groom picking up bride at the wedding reception
bubble exit at night at White Oak Plantation
bride and groom kissing in get a way car





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