WPPI 2018 – Las Vegas – Ashford Halley’s Experience

In February we spent a week in Las Vegas at WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International), the world’s largest photography conference! Every year over 10,000 photographers come together to experience this week long event that includes educational seminars, an industry trade show, networking events and of course parties!

We flew in on Saturday, checked into our hotel and then walked the strip and ate dinner. We could barely contain our excitement!  With our classes starting on Sunday and ending on Wednesday, we were busy every day from 6 am to midnight! The courses included speakers from all over the world! Just a few were Maximizing Mini Sessions with Phillip Blume from Blume Photography, Lighting with Ninja Skills with Trevor Dayley, and The Master Photographer Challenge with Jerry Ghionis, Matthew Jordan Smith, Ryan Schembri, Keda Z., and Lindsay Adler! Throughout the whole week we learned about social media, video marketing, how to stay inspired and much, much more 😉 And of course each night there was a party!

One of the highlights of our trip was a shoot that we were able to put together at the last minute at the Dry Lake Bed with Tina Rodosta from Verde Beauty, Lynnet Perez with Lynnet Perez Photography, and Jenn Bruno Smith with Boudoir by Jennifer Smith! Jenn and her husband offered to model for us during the golden hour at Dry Lake Bed. During the shoot a big thunder storm was rolling in on the outskirts of Las Vegas and with the help of MagMod, we were in the perfect spot to catch those clouds rolling over the mountains!

We also participated in a photo walk while we were there and learned from the very talented photographer, Florina Romoser with Florina Photography, on how to manipulate light using light cubes and a light wands.

Overall it was such an incredible experience and we can’t wait to go back next year!!

Check out all the amazing images we got while in Las Vegas below! Be sure to like our Facebook & Instagram. For more information visit our website, www.ashfordhalley.com or email us at info@ashfordhalley.com!

WPPI - Las VegasWPPI - Las VegasWPPI - Las VegasWPPI - Las VegasWPPI - Las VegasWPPI - Las VegasWPPI - Las VegasWPPI - Las VegasWPPI - Las VegasWPPI - Las VegasWPPI - Las VegasWPPI - Las VegasWPPI - Las Vegas